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Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles

  [french | 1865]  

Lewis Carroll

Summary: [Alice au pays des merveilles est une uvre de littrature enfantine crite par Charles Lutwidge Dodgson sous le pseudonyme de Lewis Carroll. Le livre foisonne dallusions satiriques aux amis de lcrivain et aux leons que les coliers britanniques devaient mmoriser lpoque. Le pays des merveilles tel quil est dcrit dans le conte joue sans cesse avec la logique.]
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Alices Adventures In Wonderland

  [english | 1897]  

Lewis Carroll

Summary: [Alices Adventures in Wonderland (1865) is a novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson better known under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. It tells the story of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit-hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar and anthropomorphic creatures.The tale is filled with allusions to Dodgsons friends (and enemies) and to the lessons that British ...]
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De Lautre Cote Du Miroir

  [french | 1872]  

Lewis Carroll

Summary: [De lautre ct du miroir de son titre original Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There est un roman crit par Lewis Carroll en 1871 qui fait suite aux Aventures dAlice au pays des merveilles.]
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Sylvie And Bruno

  [english | 1889]  

Lewis Carroll

Excerpts: [... of supplying, for the children whom I love, some thoughts that may suit those hours of innocent merriment which are the very life of Childhood and also ...... repeated. She do say it, Bruno persisted. When I says to her 'Let's stop lessons!', she says 'Oh, I ca'n't dream of letting oo stop yet!' He always ...... on dreamily, thinking aloud rather than talking, if we could only ...]
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Through The Looking Glass And What Alice Found There

  [english | 1871]  

Lewis Carroll

Summary: [Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There (1871) is a work of childrens literature by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) generally categorized as literary nonsense. It is the sequel to Alices Adventures in Wonderland (1865). Although it makes no reference to the events in the earlier book the themes and settings of Through the Looking-Glass make it a kind of mirror image of ...]
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