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A Lady Life In The Rocky Mountains

  [english | ]  

Isabella Bird

Excerpts: [... wall in the town, and great pines stood out, sharp and clear cut, against a sky in which a moon and stars were shining frostily. It was a sharp frost ...... solitary, glaring frame houses, where coarse, greasy meals, infested by lazy flies, were provided at a dollar per head. By evening we were running across ...... or consumption of intoxicating liquor, and I hear that the men of ...]
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Among The Tibetans

  [english | 1894]  

Isabella Bird

Summary: [This is a lyrical and descriptive journal of travels into what is described as British Tibet via horse yak mule and foot. The writing though dated is evocative and engrossing. My impression is that the good Mrs. Bishop (or Bird) must have had a constitution of iron to deal with the challenges of the travel which took several months and involved bitter cold and passes at upwards of 18000 feet. The ...]
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