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  [english | 1849]  

Henry Vizetelly

Excerpts: [... On leaving the strait we found ourselves on a broad sheet of rippling water looking like a great inland lake, hemmed in on all sides by lofty hills ...... (which it seems is the Rio de los Americanos, a tributary to the Sacramento) about a week ago, and stopt a day or two at Sutter's fort, a few miles ...... spot, we soon saw that here all was bustle and activity. Boatmen were ...]
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Facts About Champagne And Other Sparkling Wines

  [english | 1879]  

Henry Vizetelly

Excerpts: [... the Plant vert dor, the Plant gris, and the Epite- The Soil of the Vineyards- Close Mode of Plantation- The Operation of Provinage- The Stems of ...... them were of a fauve or yellowish hue, and of the intermediate tint between red and white which the French call clairet, and which our old writers translate ...... impracticable for carts, the grapes were being conveyed to the ...]
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