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A Candid Examination Of Theism

  [english | 1878]  

George John Romanes

Excerpts: [... truly moral, way of regarding the question to be discussed in the following pages, even if the conclusions yielded by this discussion were more negative ...... require to read in the facts of the external world an indication, whether true or false, of some such presiding agency. The subjective mind being, ...... superfluous for these chapters have clearly shown that, if there is a ...]
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Mind And Motion And Monism

  [english | 1895]  

George John Romanes

Excerpts: [... Essay on Monism would probably have been introduced. Attention may be drawn, for example, to the sentence on p. 139, italicized by the author himself, ...... as natural or super-natural, material or mental: so that a man be fated to will only in certain ways-and this with all the rigour which belongs ...... example of biographers in general, and begin by giving a brief sketch of ...]
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The Scientific Evidences Of Organic Evolution

  [english | 1882]  

George John Romanes

Excerpts: [... at the beginning of my subject by very briefly describing the theory of natural selection. It is a matter of observable fact that all plants and animals ...... if in any case the alteration thus effected is sufficient in amount to lead naturalists to denote the specific type by some different name, it follows ...... in preference to Newton's explanation for, excepting the law of ...]
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