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A Proposal For The Better Supplying Of Churches In Our

  [english | 1725]  

George Berkeley

Excerpts: [... that there is at this day, but little sense of religion, and a most notorious corruption of manners, in the English colonies settled on the continent ...... it should seem the natural proper method, to provide, in the first place, a constant supply of worthy clergy-men for the English churches in those parts ...... only become better slaves by being Christian. And though it be ...]
Genres: [religionDownloads: 8

An Essay Towards A New Theory Of Vision

  [english | 1709]  

George Berkeley

Excerpts: [... 16 The IDEAS that suggest distance are, 1st, the sensation arising from the turn of the eyes 17 Betwixt which and distance there is no necessary ...... distance by the bigness of the ANGLE made by the meeting of the two OPTIC AXES. Or whether he ever thinks of the greater or lesser divergency of the rays, ...... perceived in the act of seeing, it remains that we inquire what IDEAS ...]
Genres: [psychology | scienceDownloads: 304

The Querist

  [english | 1735]  

George Berkeley

Excerpts: [... as they set people at work, or create industry. 33. Qu. Whether it be not the opinion or will of the people, exciting them to industry, that truly ...... And shall the pubic act without an end, a view, a plan. 54. Qu. Whether by how much the less particular folk think for themselves, the public be not ...... Whether nations, as wise and opulent as ours, have not made sumptuary laws ...]
Genres: [politics | criticismDownloads: 47