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A Half Century Of Conflict Volume Ii

  [english | 1892]  

Francis Parkman Jr

Summary: [Francis Parkman (September 16 1823 - November 8 1893) was an American historian best known as author of The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life and his monumental seven-volume France and England in North America. These works are still valued as history and especially as literature although the biases of his work have met with criticism. He was also a leading horticulturist ...]
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Pioneers Of France In The New World

  [english | ]  

Francis Parkman Jr

Excerpts: [... barracks and deluged parade, the storm increased in violence. What enemy could venture out on such a night? La Vigne, who had the watch, took ...... endeavoring to reach Fort Caroline, of the fate of which they knew nothing, while Ribaut with the remainder was farther southward, struggling ...... they should give him up, they had kept him for his friends. Look! pursued the chief, ...]
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