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A Village Of Vagabonds

  [english | ]  

F Berkeley Smith

Excerpts: [... studied cruelty and indifference! You, with your nose of coral pink, your velvet ears that twitch in your dreams, and your blue-white breast! You, who ...... Phryne at the Vari'et'es-une merveille, mon cher! he exclaimed, addressing the sous-lieutenant on his right, and he blew a kiss to the ceiling. The ...... frog, your bell. Dieu! What a fuss it makes over its crack. You shall ...]
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The Real Latin Quarter

  [english | 1901]  

F Berkeley Smith

Excerpts: [... well-polished square mirrors, and ranged in front of these, each in its zinc rack, are the favorite beverages of the Quarter-anisette, absinthe, menthe, ...... package of torpedoes, and goes clattering off in search of a customer. [Illustration: (rooftop)]. The shops along the rue Vaugirard are marvels of ...... bloomers, yellow-tanned shoes, and short black socks pulled up snug to ...]
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