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A Girl Ride In Iceland

  [english | 1894]  

Ethel Brilliana Alec Tweedie

Excerpts: [... their horses man fashion again, every London tailor will immediately set himself to design becoming and useful divided skirts for the purpose. I strongly ...... him a letter for my good friend-addressed. DR. FRIDTJOF NANSEN, NORTH POLE. Kindly favoured by F. G. Jackson. How strange it will be if these ...... was confident he had ascertained for himself, independently of our ...]
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Through Finland In Carts

  [english | ]  

Ethel Brilliana Alec Tweedie

Excerpts: [... had no railing-into the water beneath. It seemed almost impossible, under the circumstances, to believe that in the rural districts of Finland ...... vici-for I persuaded the watchman to put me up for the night, and there I am still. When, yesterday, I could find no habitation for you, I reluctantly ...... know what you meant by 'cap to bathe.' Yes, yes, that is it, replied ...]
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