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Fridthjof Saga

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Esaias Tegner

Excerpts: [... may be read. October, 1876. CONTENTS. Canto I. Fridthjof and Ingeborg. Canto II. King Bele and Thorstein. Canto III. Fridthjof's Inheritance. Canto ...... next who came was Halfdan, a light-haired swain:. His countenance was noble, but weak and vain. He gaily bore a falchion, with which he gestured,. And ...... at evening. Brighter than helmet or sword were the sparkling shields ...]
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Fritof Saga

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Esaias Tegner

Summary: [Esaias Tegnr (Kyrkerud Vrmland 13 November 1782 - 2 November 1846160) was a Swedish writer professor of Greek language and bishop. He was during the 19th century regarded as the father of modern poetry in Sweden mainly through the national romantique epos Frithjofs Saga. He has been called Swedens first modern man. Much is known about him and he also wrote openly about himself.]
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