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A Bird Calendar For Northern India

  [english | 1916]  

Douglas Dewar

Excerpts: [... or absence of the voices of these latter which imparts distinctive features to the minstrelsy of every month of the year. In January the sprightly ...... The shape of the tail, however, enables the observer to distinguish between the two species at a glance. The tail of the kite is long and forked, while ...... and March are the months in which to look for the eggs of the wood-owl. ...]
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Birds Of The Indian Hills

  [english | 1915]  

Douglas Dewar

Excerpts: [... book have already appeared as articles in one or other of the following newspapers or periodicals: The Pioneer, Madras Mail, Englishman, Indian Field, ...... such adjectives as abundant, and very common. It is remarkable that many popular writers should have discoursed upon the feathered folk of the plains, ...... nestling was once brought to me. I took charge of it and fed it, and ...]
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