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Her Own Way

  [english | 1907]  

Clyde Fitch

Summary: [Clyde Fitch (May 2 1865 ? September 4 1909) was an American dramatist. Born William Clyde Fitch at Elmira New York he wrote over 60 plays 36 of them original which varied from social comedies and farces to melodrama and historical dramas. As the only child to live to adulthood his father Captain William G.]
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The Climbers

  [english | 1901]  

Clyde Fitch

Excerpts: [... the table and put back the ornaments upon it._] Poor Mr. Hunter, and him so fond of mince pie. I shall never forget how that man ate mince pie. [_She ...... letter._. [Enter MISS RUTH HUNTER. _She is an unmarried woman between thirty and forty years of age, handsome, distinguished an aristocrat, without ...... HUNTER. I suppose you've come about all the horrid business. Why not ...]
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The Girl With The Green Eyes

  [english | 1905]  

Clyde Fitch

Summary: [Melodramatic play about a jealous woman (green eyes) and a misunderstanding that threatens to end her marriage. Its a quick read but nothing special.]
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The Smart Set

  [english | ]  

Clyde Fitch

Summary: [Smart Moves is a 1995 book (revised and enlarged second edition published 2005) by Carla Hannaford in which she looks at the bodys role in thinking and learning. She examines the body-mind-environment (stress) relationships and how it affects child and adults normal everyday lives. Carla Hannaford invents the term SOSOH (Stressed Out Survival-Oriented Humans) for people having learning ...]
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