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  [english | 1913]  

Clive Bell

Excerpts: [... is discoverable. He who would elaborate a plausible theory of aesthetics must possess two qualities-artistic sensibility and a turn for clear thinking. ...... for by so doing I may be able to develop my theory of the relation of art to life. I shall not, however, be under the delusion that I am rounding off ...... perfect lover does she give a new strange gift-a gift beyond all ...]
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Pot Boilers

  [english | 1918]  

Clive Bell

Summary: [Foreword.--Montaigne in facsimile.--Ibsen.--Miss Coleridge.--Peacock.--Boswells letters.--Carlyles loves and love-letters.--The Lysistrata.--Trelawnys letters.--Sophocles in London.--The flight of the dragon.--William Morris.--Persian miniatures.--Countercheck quarrelsome.--Picture shows: The London salon. English post-impressionists. An expensive masterpiece. Marchand. The Mansard gallery.--]
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Since Cezanne

  [english | ]  

Clive Bell

Summary: [Since Ce?zanne.--The artistic problem.--The Douanier Rousseau.--Ce?zanne.--Renoir.--Tradition and movements.--Matisse and Picasso.--The place of art in art criticism.--Bonnard.--Duncan Grant.--Negro sculpture.--Order and authority (1 and 2)--Marquet.--Standards.--Criticism: First thoughts. Second thoughts. Last thoughts.--Othon Friesz.--Wilcoxism.--Art and politics.--The authority of M. Derain.-]
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