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A Manual Of The Art Of Fiction

  [english | 1918]  

Clayton Hamilton

Excerpts: [... natural to the situation. It brags of its descent, although its origins are obscure. It has won its way to the front and it has forced its admission ...... has done. They are beginning to resent the assertion of the loyal adherents of the drama, that the novel is too loose a form to call forth the best efforts ...... which pass his understanding. Many a casual occurrence of the ...]
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Materials And Methods Of Fiction

  [english | 1908]  

Clayton Hamilton

Excerpts: [... And once more, when we pass from the seventeenth century of Corneille and Dryden to the nieenth century when the novel has asserted its rivalry ...... people-old acquaintances whom we knew (perhaps) before we were born, when (as is conceivable) we lived with them in Plato's Realm of Ideas. In France, ...... they turned their backs on me and walked off bodily and from that time my ...]
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The Theory Of The Theatre

  [english | ]  

Clayton Hamilton

Summary: [The Theory Of The Theatre Clayton Hamilton by Clayton Hamilton. excerpt from the book.. WHAT IS A PLAY A play is a story devised to be presented by actors on a stage before an audience. This plain statement of fact affords an exceedingly simple definition of the drama --a definition so simple indeed as to seem at the first glance easily obvious and therefore scarcely worthy of expression. But if ...]
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