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Clear Crystals

  [english | 1946]  

Clara Beede

Excerpts: [... Golden Leaves. OTHER TORCHBEARER CHAPBOOKS. CLARA M. BEEDE. 45: Brown Plumes. 51: More Brown Plumes. 63: Sunshine and Rain. 73: Clear Crystals ...... storm roll past,. And budding groves burst forth in little leaves. When April showers flush the brooks and eaves. May gardens grow and wheat go ...... aid his brother in content. Let grasses grow and flowers bloom again. WHAT IS THIS ...]
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Some Broken Twigs

  [english | ]  

Clara Beede

Excerpts: [... in the oaks, White fluffy clouds rest in the murky sky. It is yet cool, the maples scarcely stir, But noon will burn the grasses by the way ...... come and bring refreshing breeze And fold a soothing mantle over all Like mother spreading blankets over Tom. Now day by day the summer slips ...... the sunny days kept pace with time. In winter some hours will be gilded gold. It's true ...]
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