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A Book Of Scoundrels

  [english | 1897]  

Charles Whibley

Summary: [I found this book to be overly wordy and full of words that were in fashion a long time ago. It was of some interest if one is willing to wade through so much courtly verbiage. It may appeal to those who enjoy Shakespeare though it is not quite that convoluted.]
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American Sketches

  [english | 1908]  

Charles Whibley

Summary: [American Sketches by Charles Whibley. Early 20th Century travel observations of an Englishman. Contents NEW YORK. BOSTON. CHICAGO. NEW ENGLAND. THE YELLOW PRESS. LIBERTY AND PATRIOTISM. THE MILLIONAIRE. THE AMERICAN LANGUAGE. AMERICAN LITERATURE. THE UNDERWORLD. EPILOGUE. From Epilogue This then is the dominant impression which America gives the traveller-the impression of a serious old gentleman ...]
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