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The Mermaid Of Druid Lake

  [english | 1906]  

Charles Weathers Bump

Excerpts: [... was clambering awkwardly down the rocks. And as he came close he found her a very pretty damsel indeed, with youthful, rosy cheeks, fetching blue eyes ...... for a moment forgetting to whom he was talking. But then I couldn't do it. she exclaimed in disappointment. I couldn't leave the lake.. The ...... of only a few months before she was the best-liked saleswoman in Greenfield & ...]
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The Mermaid Of Druid Lake And Other Stories

  [english | ]  

Charles Weathers Bump

Excerpts: [... would give me. But I told them at the College to send you the tuition bill. That was all right, wasn't it? Your devoted son, ...... Mother: I want you to do me a great favor. I do not dare write Father about it, but I find I must have a black dress suit in order to look ...... Ghost came no more that evening. The next night, the news having spread, there were a hundred persons or ...]
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