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The Best Portraits In Engraving

  [english | 1875]  

Charles Sumner

Summary: [The Best Portraits In Engraving by Charles Sumner. THE BEST PORTRAITS IN ENGRAVING. BY CHARLES SUMNER. ENGRAVING is one of the fine arts and in this beautiful family has been the especial handmaiden of painting. Another sister is now coming forward to join this service lending to it the charm of color. If in our day the chromo can do more than engraving it cannot impair the value of the early ...]
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The Duel Between France And Germany

  [english | ]  

Charles Sumner

Excerpts: [... the ground, he is brutally treated. An authentic instance illustrates such a duel and I bring before you the very pink of chivalry, the Chevalier Bayard, ...... duel,-and, yet further, how essential it is to that assured peace which civilization requires, that the duel, which is no longer tolerated as arbiter ...... at once in the Chamber. Gamier-Pages exclaimed, in words worthy of ...]
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