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  [english | 2005]  

Charles Stross

Summary: [The book is a collection of nine short stories telling the tale of three generations of a highly dysfunctional family before during and after a technological singularity. It was originally written as a series of novelettes and novellas all published in Asimovs Science Fiction magazine in the period 2001 to 2004.The first three stories follow the character of venture altruist Manfred Macx starting ...]
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Scratch Monkey

  [english | 1993]  

Charles Stross

Summary: [There are standard methods for lifting material out of brains. Everyone everywhere in human space is riddled with nanotech Dreamtime encoders. Theyre in the air in the soil in their cells and reproducing like bacteria. They constantly monitor cerebral activity transmitting updates of their host personality to the encoders that upload minds into the Dreamtime when their bodies cease to support ...]
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