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British Committees Commissions

  [english | 1908]  

Charles Mclean Andrews

Excerpts: [... the complaints against the Massachusetts charter, and the growth of Independency in that colony, it was in origin a coercive, not an inquisitory, ...... Arthur Haslerigg, John Pym, Sir Harry Vane, Junior, Oliver Cromwell, Samuel Vassall, and others. Four members constituted a quorum. The powers granted ...... country cannot have them nowhere but by them, whereby not only the ...]
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The Fathers Of New England

  [english | 1919]  

Charles Mclean Andrews

Excerpts: [... EDITORS. THE FATHERS OF NEW ENGLAND. A CHRONICLE OF THE PURITAN COMMONWEALTHS BY CHARLES M. ANDREWS. [Illustration]. NEW HAVEN: YALE UNIVERSITY ...... they sould it at 6s. a bushell) [they] used great dilligence in planting the same. And the Gov[erno]r and shuch as were designed to manage the trade, ...... the Crown for a confirmation of their land-patent and for a charter of ...]
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