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Camilla A Tale Of A Violin

  [english | 1874]  

Charles Inman Barnard

Summary: [Camilla deals with the matrimonial concerns of a group of young people-Camilla Tyrold and her sisters the daughters of a country parson and their cousin Indiana Lynmere-and in particular with the love affair between Camilla herself and her eligible suitor Edgar Mandlebert.]
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Paris War Days

  [english | 1914]  

Charles Inman Barnard

Excerpts: [... above all our countrywomen, realize that they have a second home. With a finger on the pulse, as it were, of Paris, I have sought to register the throbs ...... act of aggression and violation of German territory. M. Viviani listened in silence to Baron von Schoen's statement, and when the German Ambassador ...... War.. There is no more rioting in the streets. The bands of young ...]
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