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Literary New York

  [english | 1903]  

Charles Hemstreet

Summary: [Writers of New Amsterdam.--Before the revolution.--The poet of the revolution Philip Freneau--In the days of Thomas Paine.--The city that Irving knew.--With Paulding Drake and Halleck.--Cooper and his friends.--Those who gathered about Poe.--At the close of the Knickerbocker days.--Half a century ago.--Two famous meeting-places.--Some of the writers of to-day.]
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The Story Of Manhattan

  [english | ]  

Charles Hemstreet

Excerpts: [... party, was put in prison with some others. Bayard would doubtless have been executed had he not written an humble letter to Leisler saying ...... all countries for their private gain. Then they were called pirates. They became robbers and murderers, for they murdered as well as robbed. These ...... Gardiner's Island, search was made there and the hidden treasure was dug up. There ...]
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