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My Days And Nights On The Battle Field

  [english | 1887]  

Charles Carleton Coffin

Excerpts: [... 132 VII. THE ARMY AT PITTSBURG LANDING 153 VIII. THE BATTLE OF PITTSBURG LANDING From Daybreak till Ten o'clock 171 From Ten o'clock till Four 197 ...... Rebels. The drums beat in the street. You saw the soldiers hasten to take their places in the gathering ranks. You marched beside them and kept step ...... And now, two miles down the Run, by Mitchell's Ford, rolling, echoing, and ...]
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Winning His Way

  [english | ]  

Charles Carleton Coffin

Summary: [Winning the Oil Endgame: Innovation for Profits Jobs and Security is a 2005 book by Amory B. Lovins E. Kyle Datta Odd-Even Bustnes Jonathan G. Koomey and Nathan J. Glasgow published by the Rocky Mountain Institute. It presents an independent transdisciplinary analysis of four ways to reduce petroleum]
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