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Chimney Pot Papers

  [english | 1919]  

Charles Brooks

Summary: [Reprinted from the Unpopular review and Century magazine.]
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Journeys To Bagdad

  [english | 1915]  

Charles Brooks

Summary: [Journeys to Bagdad -- The worst edition of Shakespeare -- The decline of night-caps -- Maps and rabbit-holes -- Tunes for spring -- Respectfully submitted to a mournful air -- The chilly presence of hard-headed persons -- Hoopskirts and other lively matter -- On traveling -- Through the scuttle with the tinman.]
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Wappin Wharf

  [english | ]  

Charles Brooks

Summary: [Wappin Wharf Charles S Brooks by Charles S Brooks. excerpt from the book... Especial notice should be taken that the possession of this book without a valid contract for production first having been obtained from the publisher confers no right or license to professionals or amateurs to produce the play publicly or in private for gain or charity. In its present form this play is dedicated to the ...]
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