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Choice Cookery

  [english | 1889]  

Catherine Owen

Excerpts: [... to study economy, except where economy is a relative term where, perhaps, the housekeeper could easily spend a dollar for the materials of a luxury, ...... made twice as thick, to allow for the addition of cream, wine, or stock. The only advantage in a private family of making it thus thick is when, perhaps, ...... is a gift. It is not as a novelty, therefore, that the manner of ...]
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Culture And Cooking

  [english | 1881]  

Catherine Owen

Excerpts: [... a sharp knife, and done with one quick stroke so that the paste is not dragged at all in covering a pie dish or patty pan, you are commonly directed ...... a supply of various condiments warmed-over meat may then be converted into a delicious little entre with little trouble. I would recommend, therefore, ...... too small to make an appearance on the table, and which, if special ...]
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