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Song In A Minor Key

  [english | ]  

Catherine Lucille Moore

Excerpts: [... Science Fiction, one of that group of cool, gray-eyed men who roam the spaceways and provide much of the inspiration for the legends that ...... of the author. song in a minor key by ... C. L. MOORE He had been promising himself ...... tight against its strap as he drank the fragrance of Earth and clover warm in the sun. Here in the hollow of the hills, willow-shaded, pillowed upon ...]
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The Tree Of Life

  [english | 1936]  

Catherine Lucille Moore

Summary: [Tree: A Life Story is a Canadian non-fiction book written by David Suzuki and Wayne Grady and illustrated by Robert Bateman. The book profiles the life of a Douglas-fir tree from seed to maturity to death. The story provides ecological context by describing interactions with other lifeforms in the forest and historical context through parallels with world events that occur during the trees 700 ...]
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