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  [english | 1891]  

Caroline Augusta Frazer

Excerpts: [... that every piety, And every thirst for truth is gift divine, The gifts of God are not to me unclean Though strangely honoured at an unknown shrine. ...... say that the faithlessness of her policy alike towards adversary, or ally, and the scandal of her retinue of lovers, had gained for her an ill-repute, ...... of his present life than to the contemplative habit of one who had ...]
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  [english | ]  

Caroline Augusta Frazer

Excerpts: [... ere it chilled eaves fluttering to the mould said, Ponder the grave, but the shining air stirred and sent them whirling aloft. Death and Life ...... all If for it you fear fortune's pitiless thrall, With the Tulip's proud beauty Its wisdom combine, ...... priests and poets say Such truths as we expect for happy men. Your story of the world's creation is strangely in accord with ...]
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