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Bullets Billets

  [english | 1916]  

Captain Bruce Bairnsfather

Excerpts: [... evening I was sitting, coiled up in the slime at the bottom of my dug-out, toying with the mud enveloping my boots, when a head appeared at a gap ...... I selected items from their repertoire and had them sung by request. I had some astonishingly fine mouth-organists in my section. When we had ...... cloudy. Ypres, only half a mile away, now loomed up dark and grey against the ...]
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Fragments From France

  [english | 1917]  

Captain Bruce Bairnsfather

Excerpts: [... Fragments From France. Author: Captain Bruce Bairnsfather. By Bruce Bairnsfather. Bullets and Billets. Fragments from France. A ...... rattles the sabre, let there be somewhere handy a copy of Fragments from France that can be opened in front of him, at any page, just to remind him ...... sentiment towards Bairnsfather of the Army in France when he writes:. To us out here the ...]
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