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How To Make Rugs

  [english | 1900]  

Candace Wheeler

Excerpts: [... produced by native races while from our own, or that of the co-existent Afro-American, we have nothing to show in the way of true domestic manufactures. When ...... from finest to coarsest quality. It is as common a process as knitting in the homes of many countries, and the fact of it being successfully taught ...... be more favourable than those existing in the Cumberland ...]
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Principles Of Home Decoration

  [english | 1903]  

Candace Wheeler

Excerpts: [... and glass windows in house at Lakewood (belonging to Clarence Root, Esq.). Principles of Home Decoration . Chapter I. Decoration As An Art.CHAPTER ...... is the true mission of the decorator, although it is not always so understood. What is called business talent may lead him to invent schemes of costliness ...... is to get rid of the superfluous four feet, and this can be done by ...]
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The Development Of Embroidery In America

  [english | 1921]  

Candace Wheeler

Summary: [The Development Of Embroidery In America by Candace Wheeler. Illustrated. Formatted for the Kindle. Linked Contents. CONTENTS Introductory. The Story of the Needle I. Beginnings in the New World II. The Crewelwork of Our Puritan Mothers III. Samplers and a Word About Quilts IV. Moravian Work Portraiture French Embroidery and Lacework V. Berlin Woolwork VI. Revival of Embroidery and the Founding ...]
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