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Germania And Agricola

  [english | 1847]  

Caius Cornelius Tacitus

Excerpts: [... in matters of fact or opinion, I have cited authorities not only when I have been indebted to them for the suggestion, but whenever, in a case of coincidence ...... except that Pliny says (Epist. iv. 13), he was much esteemed by the learned and the great at Rome, who went in crowds to his levees. Of the time of ...... quos pressos sacro curru sacerdos ac rex vel princeps civitatis ...]
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Tacitus The Histories Volumes I And Ii

  [english | ]  

Caius Cornelius Tacitus

Excerpts: [... treachery, they seized their arms and visited their fury on Tampius Flavianus.[42] They could prove no charge against him, but he had long ...... indifferent to disgrace.[105] Fearing trouble, he sent the Guards forward to Ariminum[106] with the cavalry to secure the rear. Valens himself, with ...... fleet[123] and thus enjoyed complete mastery of the sea, since Mucianus had moved ...]
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