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A Happy Boy

  [english | 1860]  

Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

Summary: [Dance of the Happy Shades is a book of short stories by Alice Munro published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson in 1968. It was her first collection of stories and won the 1968 Governor Generals Award for English Fiction. The title of the main story is the English translation provided for the ballet in Glucks Orfeo ed Euridice when it was first presented in London.]
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Absalom Hair

  [english | 1894]  

Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

Summary: [I found Absaloms hair interesting and well written revealing the thoughts of enlightened people from a century ago and the same social and relationship problems we face today. The moral in the story if there is a moral and I believe there is is that it is all too easy to lose ones path in life.]
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Captain Mansana And Mother Hands

  [english | 1897]  

Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

Excerpts: [... for her sons, they began to feel a certain contempt for her. And so they turned from her, and threw all their energies into the ideas of Italian freedom ...... two vineyards and finally one of their fields was seized by the mortgagees. And thus it came about that these ladies of gentle birth, friends from ...... back to this retreat by another route, and was now resting there with ...]
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Magnhild Dust

  [english | 1882]  

Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

Excerpts: [... that the red-tinted lower boughs had pierced the snow-drifts. Higher up mighty trunks were visible, most of them dark, although some of the younger ...... clear. The priest's daughters became stout and heavy like their father, although they had small round heads like their mother. Magnhild and they lived ...... to being an angel, that to live is not by any means equal to being dead,...]
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  [english | 1909]  

Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

Summary: [A Rose for Mary: The Hunt for the Real Boston Strangler is a 2003 book about 19-year-old Mary Sullivan the last victim of confessed Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo. Written by Sullivans nephew Casey Sherman the book presents DNA evidence that suggests DeSalvo was not the Boston Strangler. They took DNA evidence form Albert DeSalvo brother Richard. It tells the crimes of the Boston strangler in ...]
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Mary Erzaehlung

  [german | 1909]  

Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

Excerpts: [... hinan auf seinem gewohnten, langsamen Rundgang. Seine hohe, leicht vornuebergebeugte Gestalt war oben im Wald zu sehen, und so lange blieb es still. ...... Augen ihren Vater vor allen auszeiche, die sie kannte. Der Vater hatte duenneres Haar, sein Gesicht war runzlig, der Mund hatte nicht mehr alle Zaehne, ...... sollte. Das tat sie auch aber sie wollte sie wiederhaben. Nichts half,...]
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Poems And Songs

  [english | 1915]  

Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

Summary: [Ancient Poems Ballads And Songs Of England Cd Edition Of This Historic Work Of Poetry And Music by Anonymous. The Book on CD-ROM Advantage. Print only the pages passages or paragraphs you want. Search for key words or terms Read from your laptop home computer or mini when it pleases you no need to purchase or carry around a separate piece of equipment. Share it electronically with friends and ...]
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The Bridal March One Day

  [english | 1896]  

Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

Excerpts: [... second edition appeared in 1877._ The Bridal Marchwas originally composed as the text to four designs by the Norwegian painter, Tidemand. It was dedicated ...... not particularly quick, to make up for it he was very sensitive. He saw that it did not improve his position that he was dressed like a townsman, and ...... to their melancholy parents in the quiet house, and the glad life ...]
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