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The Coming Of The King

  [english | 1921]  

Bernie Babcock

Excerpts: [... it, and he thirsts no more for water.. Peace be to Jael's father, the mother replied, choking back a sob, and peace be to thee, my brave little ...... somewhat confused by the sudden change in the attitude of his host. Antipas leaned forward. His lips were securely drawn over the points of his ...... he would set up, said a man of gentle voice and spiritual countenance who had not ...]
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The Daughter Of A Republican

  [english | 1899]  

Bernie Babcock

Excerpts: [... hotly. His mother did not answer him. She was watching the face bent low over the tiny baby. She noted the careworn look and the nervous pressure of ...... only grunt. Where is his home.. Small use to take her there, one man observed, recounting part of the interview that had taken place a short ...... not feel at home, you know.. From the time that the little Jean had announced ...]
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