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The Florentine Painters Of The Renaissance

  [english | 1909]  

Bernhard Berenson

Excerpts: [... they attained, is the subject of the following essay. The first of the great personalities in Florentine painting was Giotto. Although he affords ...... light and shade, he makes his scheme of colour of the lightest that his contrasts may be of the strongest. In his compositions, he aims at clearness ...... San Marco-with the childish violence of St. Jerome's tears. But upon the ...]
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The Venetian Painters Of The Renaissance

  [english | ]  

Bernhard Berenson

Excerpts: [... at restoration, the better Venetian paintings present such harmony of intention and execution as distinguishes the highest achievements of genuine ...... real achievements would have tempted only the specialist or antiquarian into a study of their career, the buildings and monuments put up by them-by ...... were employed in the Doge's Palace to execute for their own meeting places ...]
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