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Fort Lafayette

  [english | 1862]  

Benjamin Wood

Excerpts: [... their black lashes at that moment, and their expression was thoughtful and subdued but ever as the lids were raised, when some distant sound arrested ...... figure directly in their course. They would have turned, but their impetus was too great, and they swerved only enough to bring the head of the off ...... a misty glow on the brow of yonder hill.. We have left the shadows of ...]
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Fort Lafayette Or Love And Secession

  [english | ]  

Benjamin Wood

Excerpts: [... But though she had evidently nerved herself to be composed, the tears would come, and her heart seemed rising to her throat and about to burst in ...... to see her at once, and unmask the man fully and unequivocally. If necessary you may show my letter for that purpose. I would go on to New ...... Here's fifty for you now don't grumble, I'm doing the best I can, d-n you, and you ...]
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