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Great Indian Chief Of The West

  [english | 1854]  

Benjamin Drake

Excerpts: [... these two tribes, which then took place, and continues to this day, was as much a matter of necessity as of feeling. The period of their migration ...... who were the Eagle and the Tortoise. These four last named were not chiefs but braves of distinction, who held honorable places in the council, and ...... Sacs and Foxes, fought under the British standard as a matter of choice: ...]
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Life Of Tecumseh And Of His Brother The Prophet

  [english | ]  

Benjamin Drake

Excerpts: [... warrior, and all such should have esteem for each other. Tecumseh to the governor of Indiana, in reply: Brother, I give you a few words ...... In the month of September, the Prophet sent assurances to governor Harrison of his pacific intentions, and that his demands should be complied ...... forced to retreat. Our loss in this severe and well fought action was ten killed and ...]
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