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Australia The Dairy Country

  [english | 1915]  

Australia Department Of External Affairs

Excerpts: [... 21 Breeds of Cattle in Use 33 Butter Exported 11 Cheese-making 47 Clearing Land 45 Condensed Milk 36 Conditions of Selection 45 Co-op. Factories, ...... to $6.00 per week and keep. In every important district good dairy hands also have facilities extended to them for entering into arrangements for dairying ...... occur even in the best-watered dairying districts, can be greatly ...]
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Wheat Growing In Australia

  [english | ]  

Australia Department Of External Affairs

Excerpts: [... island continent in the southern seas possesses a vast area of proven wheat land, as yet untouched by the plough. It lies dormant, fertile, and ...... the case with the careless, largely happy-go-lucky style of the past, the prospect is extremely promising for the future. In a way, new men coming ...... South Wales alone that can grow wheat profitably. And experiments in the west ...]
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