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Jacqueline Of The Carrier Pigeons

  [english | 1910]  

Augusta Huiell Seaman

Excerpts: [... Seaman. True to facts and exact in coloring, it is all the better for being the straightforward narrative of a real boy and a genuine girl. Gysbert ...... after rambling about idly for a time, came and settled himself at her side. 'Tis a strange hill, this, is it not, Jacqueline, to be rising right ...... We will die to the last man, before we will surrender.. What right has that ...]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 348

The Boarded Up House

  [english | 1915]  

Augusta Huiell Seaman

Summary: [I guess Im in my second childhood as I found this to be a very excellent book. As a 70-year-old man I almost deleted it when I realized it was a juvenile girls mystery. Still I decided to give it a try and what do you know! I enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend it to all ages and genders.]
Genres: [young readers | mysterydetective | thrillerDownloads: 335

The Dragon Secret

  [english | 1920]  

Augusta Huiell Seaman

Excerpts: [... like it.. And then, I didn't think at first that it could possibly be safe. went on her aunt. We seem quite unprotected here-we're miles ...... to exchange confidences in true girl fashion. I mustn't stay long, remarked Leslie. Aunt Marcia will be missing me and I must go back to see ...... hole.. They examined the find again. I can tell you one thing, said Phyllis, if it had been ...]
Genres: [young readers | espionageDownloads: 164

The Mystery At Number Six

  [english | 1922]  

Augusta Huiell Seaman

Summary: [Good sea story. Some interesting twists and turns and terrific characters.]
Genres: [mysterydetective | fiction and literature | audiobookDownloads: 374