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Legends Of The Saxon Saints

  [english | 1879]  

Aubrey De Vere

Excerpts: [... almost all authentic records connected with their conversion. Such would have been the fate of England also, had it not been for a single book, 'Bede's ...... Christian, its See being fixed in the Island of Lindisfarne, whence the huge diocese of the north was ruled successively by three of St. Columba's ...... of the same Scandinavian stock succeeded to the Dane, viz. the only one ...]
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The Legends Of Saint Patrick

  [english | 1872]  

Aubrey De Vere

Excerpts: [... at Tours,. where St. Martin had made abode, at Auxerres with. St. Germanus, and at Lerins with the Contemplatives:. of that mystic mountain where ...... soon to be -. Help me to praise Him ye that round me sit. On those grey rocks ye that have faithful been,. Honouring, despite dishonour of ...... they spurned me, and was free. It was Thy leading, Lord the Hand was Thine. For now ...]
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