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An Introduction To The Study Of Browning

  [english | 1906]  

Arthur Symons

Excerpts: [... I have found surprisingly few occasions for any fundamental or serious change of view. I am conscious how much I owed, at that time, to the most helpful ...... artistically perfect than his earlier work, while just those failings to which his principles of poetic art rendered him liable become more and more ...... remainder. The poem is followed by an appendix, containing a few ...]
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Figures Of Several Centuries

  [english | 1916]  

Arthur Symons

Excerpts: [... moments that his narrative moves, with a more reticent and effective symbolism than any other narrative known to me. They are the moments in ...... only Lamb, who was always wandering, never lost sense of direction, or failed to know how far he had strayed from the road. The quality which came ...... into his daily life at Dux, as in this note, scribbled on a fragment of paper ...]
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Plays Acting And Music

  [english | 1907]  

Arthur Symons

Summary: [The power of darkness.--The first distiller.--The fruits of enlightenment.--The live corpse.--The light shines in the darkness.--The root of all evil.--The wisdom of children.]
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  [english | ]  

Arthur Symons

Summary: [Arthur William Symons (28 February 1865 - 22 January 1945) was a British poet critic and magazine editor.]
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