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The Heritage Of The Hills

  [english | 1921]  

Arthur Preston Hankins

Excerpts: [... oughta thought o' that when you threw down on me, he lazily reminded the other. You ain't got no license packin' a gun, pardner.. The expression ...... on the place.. Only an old cabin. At least there was last time I chased a buck down in there. And something of a fence, if I remember right. But ...... several articles to agricultural papers. I'm going to experiment here, and try ...]
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The She Boss

  [english | ]  

Arthur Preston Hankins

Excerpts: [... as a train caller does in a big union depot. Shippin' to Oregon-two o'clock to-morrow afternoon-I want two hundred muckers-forty cents an hour-board ...... these appeared to be more of an encumbrance than otherwise. Still, she decided, against the advice of all well-meaning friends, to try to hold ...... yuccas and thorny cactus grew, and jack rabbits went looping away among bronze ...]
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