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The Condition And Tendencies Of Technical Education In

  [english | 1908]  

Arthur Henry Chamberlain

Excerpts: [... the various German States, the work is rather widely differentiated, this owing in part to the fact that the varying lines of industry in adjacent ...... 1899 Saxony, Pfennigs 29 (7 cts.) in 1898 Hesse, Pfennigs 22 (5 cts.) in 1898. The cost per Marks 1,000 ($236) of the entire state expenditures was ...... men conscious of their own success. The more the old order changes which ...]
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The Condition And Tendencies Of Technical Education In Germany

  [english | ]  

Arthur Henry Chamberlain

Excerpts: [... another, and in a greater or lesser degree, such instruction has been in vogue for many years, and has in no small measure become part and parcel of ...... of a technical school is a matter to be noted. This may be in the hands of the general government, of the state, of the municipality, or may ...... contact with the German schools. It may be taken therefore, as bringing the work ...]
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