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Thankful Rest

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Annie Swan

Summary: [Anni Emilia Swan (married name Anni Manninen 4 January 1875 Helsinki - 24 March 1958 Helsinki) was a Finnish writer. Swan wrote many books for children and young adults was a journalist for childrens magazines and worked as a translator. She is considered the creator of Finnish literature for girls.]
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The Guinea Stamp

  [english | 1892]  

Annie Swan

Excerpts: [... that there might be five pounds to pay when all was over. Papa has some pictures at the dealers'-two in Boston, and three, I think, in London. Perhaps ...... of dignity, motioned him to follow her. At the door of the little room where the artist had suffered and died she gave him the lamp, and herself disappeared ...... face of Liz with a vague wonder in her own. That straight, ...]
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