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Andrew Golding

  [english | ]  

Annie Keeling

Excerpts: [... I had now been unhappy enough for we were ever hearing tales of the evil handling of all kinds of Dissenters even young maidens and little children ...... said but I think none have been so bold as to try that men love their lives too well to venture within nor would I advise you to do it.' ...... is a scent of death and sin breathing from it I perceived it as we stood at the door....]
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Great Britain And Her Queen

  [english | 1897]  

Annie Keeling

Excerpts: [... miserable marriage, but of a fitting union her parents had been sundered only by death, not by wretched domestic dissensions. People heard that ...... on the most numerous class-that of the humble and the poor. [Illustration: Rowland Hill]. How would the Englishman of to-day endure the former ...... to himself. Whether any salvation for the unhappy land did lie in such a ...]
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