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A Heart Song Of To Day

  [english | ]  

Annie Gregg Savigny

Excerpts: [... until she is still. It is my love for you that maddens me. My queen, my beauty, come back to me. Give your thoughts to me-you must, you shall.. What ...... twin. Oh, yes, we must all have dear Sir Peter until there is a lady Peter good time, you all remember him, though, exclaimed Mrs. Tompkins. Here ...... saddle it on the right man, my dear fellow mark me, 'tis his doing whatever ...]
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Narrative Of A Voyage To Senegal In 1816

  [english | 1816]  

Annie Gregg Savigny

Excerpts: [... humane object, Mr. Colburn will feel great pleasure in becoming the medium for transmitting their subscriptions to the unfortunate sufferers._. NARRATIVE ...... men, in all the circumstances, in which they may be placed, will easily judge, after what Mr. Bredif did or felt, what may have been done or felt by ...... but on going to bed he thought no more about it however, he ...]
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