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In Chateau Land

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Anne Hollingsworth Wharton

Summary: [Anne Hollingsworth Wharton (December 15 1845 ? July 29 1928) was an American writer and historian. Born at Southampton Furnace Pennsylvania daughter of Charles Wharton and Mary McLanahan Boggs she was educated at a private school in Philadelphia. She devoted herself chiefly to the study of the social history of the Colonial and Revolutionary periods of the United States wrote a number of ...]
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In Chteau Land

  [english | 1911]  

Anne Hollingsworth Wharton

Excerpts: [... so quickly. The glow of color fades, a cloud obscures the sun, the blue and purple turn to gray in an instant, and we descend from a hillside garden, ...... by oxen, and stalls and carts on all sides, filled with curios and native wares that would tempt the most blas shopper. Yesterday, being a market ...... Madame de Stal could ever have looked upon the shores of this beautiful ...]
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