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Characteristics Of Women

  [english | 1889]  

Anna Brownwell Jameson

Excerpts: [... we have no means of reconciling, though doubtless they might be reconciled if we knew the whole, instead of a part. MEDON. But instance-instance. ALDA. Examples ...... ourselves. He has a lofty and a fearless trust in his own powers, and in the beauty and excellence of virtue and with his eye fixed on the lode-star ...... hope and joy and her wit has not a particle of malevolence ...]
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The Diary Of An Ennuye

  [english | 1836]  

Anna Brownwell Jameson

Excerpts: [... it and there is certainly more amusement-and amusement is here truly le suprme bonheur. Happiness, according to the French meaning of the word, ...... my senses, brings no real pleasure, but is ended, as now it ends, in tears, in bitterness of heart, in languor, in sickness, and in pain-ah. let ...... pupils. The principal object of interest is the ancient amphitheatre the most ...]
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