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The Dakotan Languages

  [english | 1882]  

Andrew Woods Williamson

Excerpts: [... and to differ among themselves somewhat as Hollandish, Friesian, and English. The Mandan appears to be separated much more widely from them than they ...... dialect remains almost identical with the Yankton. We are then encouraged to believe that their language has not changed so rapidly as to obliterate ...... allied languages so far as I have observed by r, d, l or n so that I ...]
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The Dakotan Languages And Their Relations To Other Languages

  [english | ]  

Andrew Woods Williamson

Excerpts: [... Indian tribes of the Missouri, I would suppose the first group to differ from the Dakota about as much as the German from the English, and to ...... Measurements indicate that the crania of the Dakotas in size of brain and angle decidedly approach the European form. The cheek bones of the Dakotas ...... I have been able to trace at all generally is Dak yu. This merely converts the ...]
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