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Autobiography Of Andrew Carnegie

  [english | 1920]  

Andrew Carnegie

Excerpts: [... I remember my cousin-brother, George Lauder (Dod), and myself were deeply impressed with the great danger overhanging us because a lawless flag was ...... too, was one of nature's noblemen, beloved by all, a saint. Soon after this incident my father found it necessary to give up hand-loom weaving and to ...... world which books contain were opened to me at the right moment. The ...]
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James Watt

  [english | 1905]  

Andrew Carnegie

Excerpts: [... results, for she was a remarkable character with the indefinable air of distinction, was well educated, had a very wise head, a very kind heart and ...... Sir Walter, who spoke to every man he met as if he were a brother-as indeed he was-one of the many fine traits of that noble, wholesome character. ...... business on his own account. He thus became master before he was man. There ...]
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Round The World

  [english | 1880]  

Andrew Carnegie

Excerpts: [... camels, josses. passed through our brain in endless procession. We were at the Golden Gate we had just reached the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and ...... by the sole act of their unlorded will. No wonder such woe befell the Ancient Mariner through killing one. They are too grand to destroy. Last evening ...... and most accomplished of their sex. These girls are sent for to furnish ...]
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