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Ellen Walton

  [english | 1855]  

Alvin Addison

Summary: [Ellen Walton by Alvin Addison. In the year 1785 as also prior and subsequent to that time there was a hotel situated in one of the less frequented streets of Pittsburg then the largest town west of the mountains and kept by one Fleming whence it derived the name of Fleming s Hotel. ]
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Eveline Mandeville

  [english | 1837]  

Alvin Addison

Excerpts: [... You surely are but trying me for you know I do not merit the rebuke conveyed by your words and manner.. Why not.. Why do I.. Because you ...... heart. But, no for all the return manifested, he might as well have pressed his lips to cold marble. After a time, the fever returned in violence, ...... will not weary in their efforts. What other business have we to transact. Are there ...]
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