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Lamarck The Founder Of Evolution

  [english | 1901]  

Alpheus Spring Packard

Excerpts: [... in Amiens, one of the faculty, after consultation with the Father Superior, kindly gave us in writing the following information as to the exact date: ...... though holding a place subordinate to the other officers, was present, as the records of the proceedings of the officers of the Jardin ...... in the records, his name is written De Lamarck. He was succeeded by . Geoffroy St....]
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Our Common Insects

  [english | 1873]  

Alpheus Spring Packard

Excerpts: [... these rings are arranged in three groups: the head, the thorax, or middle body, and the abdomen or hind body. In the six-footed insects, such as the ...... jaws, and with a thick mass of stout, dense hairs on the under side of the tail for carrying pollen, as she is not provided with the pollen-basket ...... with short passages leading to the cells, which are slightly inclined ...]
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