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Berwen Banks

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Allen Raine

Excerpts: [... bedroom behind it always kept for him. Well, you are going on very nicely. Now for the wrist. The captain winced a little and swore a good ...... find you here, with your head nestled on my shoulder, instead of being separated from me by wind and wave, as, in the natural course of events, you ...... Amongst them was Cardo, who watched the fury of the elements as the wind tore down ...]
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By Berwen Banks

  [english | 1899]  

Allen Raine

Excerpts: [... books. Poor old dad. he murmured. Some sons would have tapped playfully at the window, but Cardo did not, he turned round the corner of the house, ...... through her personality. The evening shadows darkened, the sunset glow faded, and the moon rose in a cloudless sky. The distant sound of the regular ...... is in the chapel to-night.. But when it is over you will come back along ...]
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  [english | 1900]  

Allen Raine

Summary: [Garthowen by Allen Raine. -]
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